Winged Liberty Dime Cuds:1916 – 1945


Images Courtesy of Fred Weinberg

 IMG_4769 copyIMG_4768

Cross reference number: MDC-35S-1R



Image Courtesy of Heritage Auction

Cross reference number: none.


Images are courtesy of Fantasticcoinsandmore on Ebay

Copy of fantasticcoinsandmore10c1942-SrevBfantasticcoinsandmore10c1942-SrevB copy  fantasticcoinsandmore10c1942-SrevA

Cross reference: none.


CU-10c-1943-01R & 02R

Images Courtesy of Chuck Newman

IMG_7831IMG_7830 IMG_7832IMG_7833

  CU-10c-1943-01R                                                                   CU-10c-1943-02R

Cross reference number: none.



Images Courtesy of Peter Lukic

1943DimeFront1943DimeFront copy  1943DimeBack

Cross reference number: none.



Images are courtesy of Maya Jones

1943-D-Mercury-10c-Reverse-Cud; Maya Jones - Copy 1943-D-Mercury-10c-Reverse-Cud; Maya Jones

Cross reference: none



CU-10c-1944-01 & 02 & 03

Image Courtesy of Heritage Auction

Three separate cuds are seen on the face of this 1944 dime. The cud on the left is # 1, the upper cud on the right is # 2 and the lower cud on the right is # 3.

Cross reference number: none.


CU-10c-1944-04 & 05R & 06R

Images Courtesy of George dePozsgay

44dimecudobv copy44 cuda copy 

                                                                                                                                                                CUD – 04

44cudb copy44dimecudrevemcbcuxsb copy

                                                                                        CUD – 05

44dimecudrev copy

                   CUD – 06

Cross reference number: none


*MDC File numbers are from the Thurman & Margolis Cud Book