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Cross-reference: none. The die cracks extends from the left rim and from the right rim but dose not meet in the center of the reverse. If the die cracks did meet this coin would have been a Bisecting Rim To Rim Die “RRDC”.


Images are courtesy of Chuck Newman

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Cross-reference: none. The die crack extends along the lower part of Lincoln’s bust. Though it does enter the rim below the lower front of the bust, it terminates at the other end under the I of LIBERTY.


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This unusual die crack begins at the rim top of the D in GOD. It runs into the head and branches off in many directions. One branch runs to the back of the neck.  Another die crack starts at the rim to the left of VBD and runs up the coat. In the area between the back of the neck and the coat there is a line that appears to be PSD (Post Strike Damage) or a very light crack between the coat and the back of the neck. A another example of this die is needed to compare to this area.



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1983-81983-1 copy  1983-9

Cross reference: none


Images are courtesy of Dustin Ickow


This Die Crack is unusual because of the location of the crack. Most Lincoln Memorial Cent Die Cracks from the top of the Lincoln Memorial run up to the rim. This one runs down to the last “A” in “AMERICA”.

Cross reference: none


Images are courtesy of Keith Christenson


This unusual die crack is the result of severe die damage and found on the reverse of this 1983 Lincoln Cent.

Per Mike Diamond “What you have is severe die damage on both faces that resulted from the dies striking a hard object sandwiched between the dies.  The dies cracked as well from the impact.”

Cross reference: none


Images are courtesy of Claude Butcher


This Die Crack is unusual because of the location of the crack(s) and the length which runs from the rim above the “A” in AMERICA down to the top of the “N” in CENT. Note the die chip at the top of the 9th bay of the memorial.


Images are courtesy of John Shields

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Cross reference: none

UDC-1c-2009S (V3)-01

Images are courtesy of John Nugent


Cross reference: Professional Life Reverse “V3” Proof