Shattered Dies on U. S. Tokens

SHD-TOKEN(SC)-1863(NY)-01 & 2R Stage A

630m-9a, obv.1061 rev.630m-9a, rev

                  01                                                        02R Stage A

Both obverse and reverse dies were shattered to strike this Broas Pie Baker Store Card Token.

Cross reference number: Fuld; 630M-9a.


SHD-TOKEN(SC)-1863(NY)-02R Stage B

Images Courtesy of Chuck Newman


Cross reference number: none. The obverse  has not yet been clashed making this a new stage. This token was struck on a thin planchet (weight of 2.28 g instead of the normal weight of 3.1) and the dies were rotated 135° from the normal coin strike.


SHD-TOKEN(SC)-1863(NY)-02R Stage C

630m-11ao, rev.630m-11ao, obv.

                        2R Stage C

The reverse die was used long after the obverse die was changed out from mated pair 630M-9.

Cross reference number: 630-11ao.


Images Courtesy of Chuck Newman


NOTE: This “No Date” Broas Pie Baker Store Token is a “Mule” struck with two obverse dies. The reverse die on this token would have a date of 1863.

Cross reference number: SHD-TOKEN(SC)-1863(NY)-01 & 2R Stage A, SHD-TOKEN(SC)-1863(NY)-02R Stage B & SHD-TOKEN(SC)-1863(NY)-02R Stage C.



Images Courtesy of Fred Weinberg


Cross reference number: none



Images Courtesy of Fred Weinberg

IMG_4633 copyIMG_4632 copy

Cross reference number: none. See CU-TOKEN(PT)-01 & 02R & 03R

SHD-10TOKEN-Generic-01A & B

Images Courtesy of JC Stevens

IMG_5226 copy IMG_5225 copy

                    01A                                                            01B

IMG_5227 IMG_5228 copy

This is a generic token the size of a U. S. dime. It was struck on a non-magnetic metal with an obverse die that was shattered and doubled. Date of use was estimated to be from the 1960’s to the 1970’s. This is listed in Richard’s token database as TC-391025.


Images Courtesy of Chuck Newman


Cross reference number: none.