Shattered Dies on U. S. Dollar Coins


Images are courtesy of Neal Paul





Images are courtesy of Chuck Newman

Cross reference: none. While not the best example of a shattered die, the reverse does have enough die cracks to be called shattered. The obverse also has its fair share of die cracks, but not enough to call it a shattered die. The die cracks are outlined in red.


Images are courtesy of Jeff Ylitalo



Cross reference: VAM-2A-2 (formerly VAM 2A)


Images are courtesy of Jon Sullivan

JohnSullivanSD-100c-2000PAJohnSullivanSD-100c-2000PC JohnSullivanSD-100c-2000PBJohnSullivanSD-100c-2000PD JohnSullivanSD-100c-2000PEJohnSullivanSD-100c-2000PF

Cross reference: none. A spectacular shattered die with the planchet being multiple struck.