Seated Liberty Half Dollar Cuds: 1839 – 1891

CU-50c-1842-01R Rim Cud

Images are courtesy of Jim Poston of  GFRC on Ebay

Copy of JimPostonofGFRC-Coins50c1842revBJimPostonofGFRC-Coins50c1842revB copy  JimPostonofGFRC-Coins50c1842revA

Cross reference: none.


CU-50c-1847O-01 Rim Cud

Images are courtesy of Tecc1 on E-bay

Copy (2) of tecc1RCD-50c-1847O-ACopy (4) of tecc1RCD-50c-1847O-A copy Copy of tecc1RCD-50c-1847O-A

Cross reference: none. See RCD-50c-1847O-01R.