Purpose Of This Site

Cuds-on-coins is designed to be a comprehensive visual database encompassing a wide range of die errors caused by brittle failure.  However, its primary focus is “cuds”.  A cud is a marginal die break; an error produced when a piece breaks off the edge of a die.  Previous attempts to classify cuds managed to capture only a fraction of the thousands of cuds represented in the marketplace.  This site will attempt to extend coverage beyond the two existing catalogs, The Cud Book and The Cud Book Supplement.

Visitors are encouraged to send images of their cuds to the site manager, Robert (“BJ”) Neff for possible inclusion in our listings. Please send images to: JCStevens43@gmail.com or use our contact page on this site. Please include your name so that we may give you credit for images sent.

Our main goal is to have images that the searcher can relate to in their quest to match what they have in hand to one of our file images. Occasionally, we will have two presentations of the same file to better illustrate what the anomaly appears like on different die state coins. We also will occasionally change the files images if a better image or images become available for use on the site.

Thank you,

Robert (BJ) Neff