LDB6 – 1954S

The listings on this page are by description / delimitation letter / position letters. Full die breaks at the top and small die breaks at the bottom of the page. See the Hardy Index System link.

“FL+” indicates full breaks that extend below the lowest level of the letters.

LDB6-1954S-001 FL+

Imaged with permission of Mark Adamson

Images are courtesy of Ray Parkhurst


Note: Ray is a builder of custom coin photography setups which he used for the above 3-D image and did the imaging of Mark’s coin.

DIE MARKERS: OBVERSE –  Die Cracks on 9, head and coat.

                            REVERSE – None Noted.

Cross references: Cohen Index 54S-B1105, Hardy Index 54S-6F+1.

Note: Hardy listed this as a F+. On this sample the die break dies not extend above the highest level of the letters so we listed it as an FL+.

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