A Guide to Numbering System Used On This Site

The numbering system is based on individual die anomalies. If a coin has a number of anomalies (X amount of cuds / X amount of retained cuds, etc.), each anomaly will have a separate file number.

If a coin has more than one type of anomaly (split die with cuds or retained cuds) that coin will be listed in each anomaly category with reference to the other anomalies seen on that coin. This also applies if the coin has different anomalies on the obverse and reverse faces of that coin.

The numbering system does not factor in the mint of origin (mintmark) or the face that the anomaly is present (obverse or reverse). The numbers are consecutive for the amount of anomaly types found in that year for that denomination.

The United Sates Civil War tokens are separated into Civil War Patriotic tokens (PT) and Civil War Store Cards (SC) and are so designated in their file number. If the city of origin is known for that token, it will be indicated in parentheses after the date; 1863(NY).   

If a cross reference number is known (Thurman/Margolis, Fuld, etc.) it will be indicated below the images for that die anomaly. If the coin has more than one type of anomaly, it will be indicated by (See and a reference number) below the images provided for that die anomaly.


(Type designator) – (Denomination /mint*/country**) – (year) – (file number) (Rev. die***)


The list of type designators:

1. CU = Cud

2. RCD = Retained cud

3. IDB = Interior die break

4. RIDB = Retained interior die break

5. SD = Split die

6. SHD = Shattered die.

7. RRDC = Rim to opposing rim die crack

8. UDC = Unusual Die Crack

9. LDB = Lincoln cent Die Breaks occurring in the word LIBERTY.

10. SKH = “Spike Head”. Only occurring on the obverse of U. S and foreign coins.

* Mintmark will be used for only USA coins.

** Country of origin code will be in parenthesis ( ) and will only be used for non-US coins. Country codes used on this site are compiled from this link.

 *** Only the reveres die will be identified with a letter R. Obverse dies will have no identifier. R = Reverse die