Foreign Coins with Spike Heads

Spike Heads on foreign coins will be listed alphabetically by country of origin. The country code in the file number can be obtained from this list linked HERE.

Bulgaria (BG)

SKH-1S(BG)-1951-01 “Bulgaria”

Images are courtesy of  Louis A. West

Cross reference: none. 1 Stotinki from Bulgaria.

Canada (CA)

SKH-1c-(CA)-1946-01 “Canada”

Images are courtesy of  David Harrison


Cross reference: none. 1 Cent from Canada

Urugay (UY)

SKH-20C(UY)-1994-01 “URUGUAY”

Images Courtesy of Juan Aguerre

94-01rdo 94-01s

94-01r 94-01rdc

DIE MARKERS: OBVERSE –  Die Crack from rim to first “U” in “URUGUAY”

                            REVERSE – Die Crack rim to “0” in “20”.

Cross reference: 20 CENTESIMOS from Uruguay, KM# 105.