Capped Bust Half Dimes; 1829 – 1837


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DavidKahnRareCoins5c1831revretainedk-10BDavidKahnRareCoins5c1831revretainedk-10B copy  DavidKahnRareCoins5c1831revretainedk-10A

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RCD-½ Dime-1831-02R

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Copy (2) of tecc1RCD_5c-1831ACopy (2) of tecc1RCD_5c-1831A copy  tecc1RCD_5c-1831A

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RCD-½ Dime-1863-01R

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RandallP.HolderRareCoins5c1836revRCDBCopy of RandallP.HolderRareCoins5c1836revRCDB copy  RandallP.HolderRareCoins5c1836revRCDA

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