Attributions Guide On What To Do

You may submit your coin to us if it is not found in our listings. We can accept images if they meet the following standards:

  1. Email images, limit one coin per email, to
  2. On the subject line enter date; mint mark and type of die break you think you have.
  3. All images must be in focus and have the proper orientation “don’t rotate the camera when taking the image”.
  4. The highest resolution possible.
  5. Send images of the full obverse and reverse making sure none of the edges are cropped off.
  6. Send a close up image of the area in question.
  7. If your coin has any die markers images these and in your email note what you see or “No Markers Noted”.
  8. Images should be attached to the email as zip files/folder.
  9. We reserve the right to enhance your images for use on this site.

You may also submit your coin(s) for attribution, if the anomaly is in question, using these guide lines.

  1. Please contact us via the contact page.
  2. On the subject line enter date; mint mark and type of die break/crack you think you have.
  3. We will return your email and provide you with an address to send the coins.
  4. A maximum of 5 coins may be submitted at one time, unless special arrangements are made.
  5. A fee of $3.00 per coin is charged for handling and processing. Return postage and your preference on how your order should be returned to you are required for each submission.  JC Stevens
  6. Thank you,